Monthly Recap and Exciting News!

Hello sweet friends! It's has been a while since I lasted posted. May was a crazy and exciting time for me. Between student teaching, graduation, and finishing up my last undergrad classes ever, I can say things are much calmer around here! Today I am sharing what'sat's been happening in my little life!

First thing first I graduated from college in May with honors! It seems like yesterday I was packing for freshman year. I earned my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a certification teaching Early Childhood through Sixth grade.

Next up, I accepted a position teaching 2nd grade! I am excited and might be the only teacher ready for school to start! ( #Firstyearteacherproblems ) Stay tuned for a classroom decor post! I am currently soaking up the summer sun, planning for New York trip in a couple of weeks and lots of prep for the upcoming school year! If you are a teacher comment below any teacher tips!

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