Christmas Traditions

Being around family and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus is one of the many reasons why I love Christmas! I wanted share with you some of  my family Christmas traditions new and old.  Some these traditions were started when I was a little girl.

1. Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts 
On the 12th  day of Christmas my true love gave to me....When I was younger my mother would have twelve small  presents (book, markers, coloring book etc) under the tree in a big box. Each day for twelve days I would open one present.

2. The Polar Express 
The Polar Express  hands down is my favorite Christmas movie. I look forward each year sitting on the couch with a mug full of  hot chocolate. Brings back so many great memories of Christmas excitement as a kid!

3. Christmas Cookies 
Christmas is a great time to put my mixer to  use! I love baking and sharing Christmas cookies with others! Spending hours in the kitchen to see the smiles on their faces is worth it.

4. Christmas Eve Gumbo 
My parents are originally from Louisiana (I am a born and raised TX girl.) Each Christmas Eve we all head to my aunt's house to grab hot bowl of gumbo and enjoy each others company.

5. Christmas Morning  Parade & Cinnamon Rolls
Many of us have many memories  waking up to watch the Walt Disney Christmas Parade!
Still to this day I set my alarm to wake up just in time each year to watch  the parade. Cinnamon Rolls has become a new tradition on Christmas morning. Watching the parade and biting into a warm sweet cinnamon roll is what I look forward to each year!

6. Christmas Ornament
Each year for Christmas my parents give me a ornament with the year written on it. So far, I have 20 and counting ornaments that put on my ornament tree.

I hope to carry these traditions and start new ones with my own family one day! "Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends." - Margaret Thatcher

Please comment below and share some your family Christmas Traditions. Have a blessed Christmas!


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