Target Dollar Spot Planner Haul

Sweet summer time is coming to an end for me soon.  Back to college, I go next Saturday. With a new school year around the corner can only mean a new planner. I have felt in love with my new planner I can’t wait to put it to use. Normally I take a trip to my favorite store TARGET and purchase a planner. Don’t get me wrong Target has some cute planners, but I wanted to customize my planner somewhat. Everything for this planner was Purchased in the dollar section at Target.  See I wasn’t kidding when I said I LOVE TARGET!

I went with a binder because I had one thing in mind reusable! I really love the gold color. A fresh bright color to start off the fresh new school year. I absolutely love the inside floral design.  I am a sticky note kind of person so I had grabbed a few. Little did I know they could be inserted into the planner. 

The binder dividers with pockets were so precious I could not pass them up.  I have one in the front of my planner to hold any papers I need. The rest of the dividers are in the back, but I can easily move them around if needed.  Next, up the file dividers that match the color scheme.  I used these to separate my calendar, weekly calendar and notes section in the planner.

I created the planner quotes to put in front of my monthly and weekly calendar.  I bought the pens in the color scheme to along with my planner. I use flair pens with my planner to color code my agenda. I wanted to separate my planner pens from my everyday pens I use for class. I grabbed this pencil bag for all my planner pens.  I am ready to rock this school year and accomplish my goal of being more organized with my new planner! “Organization is the foundation to get my life in gear.”-Kathi Lipp

-    Brittany

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